12 Essential Things Every Women Should Have In Her Bag

Dimonds are girl`s best friend but certainly our handbag is like our another real best friend because it comes with us everywhere and it also holds all of our secrets. Whether you like keeping it light and simple, or you believe in keeping half the house, there are 12 essential things every woman should have in her bag all times. Let’s take a look at these must-haves so that you can be ready for anything, which life throws your way.

1. Hand Sanitizer : 

Hand sanitizer is one of things every woman should have in her bag because it protect you and. When you meet someone new or Every now and then if you sneeze.For these and so many other reasons, you should have hand sanitizer in your bag.

hand sanitizer

source : livesimple

2. Safety Pins :

When your blouse is missing a button, it is the perfect excuse to buy another blouse. However, it is the middle of the day and your blouse is missing a button you are still at work, what do you use for the next some hours? In this situation, safety pin will be the rescue method you need.

safety pin

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3. Small Perfume Bottle : 

Keep those small sample perfume bottles that you get as “gift with purchase” in your bag.  Also, don’t forget to treat your bag to a few spritzes so that your bag keeps smelling great just like you.

mini perfumes

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4. Makeup Pouch : 

Keep a cute and small makeup pouch. This pouch can be loaded with your neutral lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, oil blotting paper, lip gloss, makeup compact, mirror etc. this will help you to do touch-ups on the go.

make up kit

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5. Sanitary Product : 

People say that you should never open a woman’s purse without her permission. The reason is that most women often carry extra sanitary napkins or tampons around to deal with any unexpected “surprises”. Infact now in markets special pee solutions available for women. you can find one at 24*7 stores. They may not always be available when you need. So it is better to prepare it in advance rather than you meet a nasty situation to deal with later.

sanitary napkins

source : timedotcom

6. Sun Protection : 

The UV rays of the sun are harmful for our eyes so we need an ultimate tool of protecting them such as the sunglasses. You can also carry an umbrella, or a scarf to protect yourself from the rays that cause damage, darkness or dullness. Also with scarves you can play with different looks same day as per situation.

scarves & sunglasses

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7. Pepper Spray :

All girls need to carry some forms of protection, and pepper spray are the best option. They are very effective in dealing with bad guys in their tracks. Therefore, pepper spray is one of the most important things every woman should have in her bag.

pepper spray

source : selfdefenceproductinc

8. Post It And A Pen :

It’s not possible to jot down everything on the phone.  If you just want to make a list, take down a phone number, or want to remember something useful, jot it down on the post it notes that will be really heplfull and you should always carry them.

post it n pen

source : alicdn

9. Phone Power Bank :

This should go without saying, but many a time have we found ourselves out after work only to look down and see that our battery is already down to 2-3%. When going alone in cab, or out, travelling you don`t have to find a power socket, neither you have to wait at one place for charging your phone when you have the revolutionary Power bank. Besides, it will be a crime if  girl cant get her selfie click just because of dead phone.

power bank

source : extendedbatteryreview

10. Wallet :

Every woman would carry wallet in her bag. Wallet is mainly use for your debit/credit cards, loyalty points shopping cards and cash. If you don`t use these wallets & dump your plastic & paper money in your big handbang, its get extremely irritating to find the. Not only this they spoil the condition of paper currency. So always use such wallets with your handbag.


source : alicdn

11. Pocket Tissue Packs :

There is nothing more attractive about a women than hygiene, which is why it’s important to maintain cleanliness and keep up your appearance! One thing that can help with that is a small pack of tissues that you can stick in your bag.

pocket tissue

source : hotelsproductdirect

12. Mouth Freshener :

Keep a pack of tic tac, gum, or any mouth freshener that could give your breath much-needed freshness. Bad breath is a major put off.  Also, after a meal, you would not want your friends to guess what you had. Besides specially on weekends you never know how would you end up your night..wink!! Be prepared.

mouth freshner





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