Who says girls don`t look hot in specs?

Aditi Rao Hydri unlikely spotted in a geek look. A crisp white long off shoulder dress worn with ripped denim, hem folded, pointed black shoes,a jhola kind of bag & most important black specs which adds a new look to her. I am amazed to see how hot she looks in specs, dosn`t she?

Tip : Girls forget your contact lenses for sometimes and play with different looks suing some cool spec.

aditi rao hydari fashion

source : sanamratansi on instagram

Do you know how two Mrs. India winners are reshaping the women of today?

Who Am I : Sneha Bhadoria, a professional Yog-trainer & therapist, Fitness Influencer, Lifestyle grooming and make-over trainer & a winner of Mrs. India Worldwide 2015  & Mrs. Body Beautiful 2015.

mrs.india winner

Who am I : Dr.Henna Kainth Gupta, a professional Dental Surgeon & a winner of Mrs.India Worlwide2015 (second runner’s up) & Mrs. Gizmo Queen 2015 


 mrs.indi winner

What is Hi Life & Grooming :

Henna :A personality enhancement workshop for women of all age groups which will give them the confidence to not just look good but also feel good about themselves.

Sneha :It’s a make-over and transformation process where Women rediscover themselves in all ways possible. Body, mind & soul.

groming classes

What is the mission behind Hi Life & Grooming : 

Sneha :Today’s world where beauty, attraction and class is much more than just a pretty face, we, under this programme try to reshape the way women from all walks of life, present themselves. Influencing and motivating them with pragmatic examples in order to make them feel complete and extremely confident.

Who all shall join it :

Henna : Housewives/ College Students/Entrepreneurs / Corporate Officials/ Aspiring Models.

How will it change their life :

Sneha : We at Hi-Life grooming believe that most of us (specially Indian women), give more priority then oneself to something else while neglecting oneself in more ways than one. At times women don’t feel complete or full of themselves even after owning best resources possible. That’s the time they need a little direction to regain the centre of their being.

mrs.india winner

How can I join this revolution Hi Life & Grooming : 

Henna : Join us on our facebook page or connect via whatsapp to enrol. https://www.facebook.com/henna.kainth

Sneha : https://www.facebook.com/sneha.neha.14

What are the specialities of this workshop :

Henna : It includes tips on the following with demonstration :

  1. Fitness and nutrition
  2. Fitness dance
  3. Party etiquette
  4. Dining etiquette
  5. Confidence building
  6. Enhancing communication skills
  7. Dress up essentials
  8. Make up & beauty tips
  9. How to pose in different styles
  10. Walking in different shoe wear

grooming classes

Fashion to me is : 

Henna : Being stylish while remaining in my comfort zone.

Sneha :Fitness, confidence and trend.  Sense of self and feeling beautiful. Carrying oneself appropriately according to age, occasion, body type, personal style and complexion.

My sense of Style is :

Henna :Creating trends & not following them.

Sneha :Looking the way I want for myself not for showing-off.

mrs. india

What is your strongest communication technique : 

Henna :My smile

Sneha :Smile, manners and gratitude.

What is your trick to make your guests make feel special : 

Henna :To learn about their interests & profession and kick start a conversation on that.

Why are dining etiquettes important : 

Sneha :We are a part of a civilised world and that has to have a few set basic signs, dining is a major one among those. I believe dining style & body language are the first things people make your impression upon.

mrs.india interview

What is the secret of your confidence : 

Henna :My army life upbringing. Discipline & good mannerisms have been a part of my lifestyle ever since I was a young child.

Sneha :I give a lot of importance to my mind, body and soul. I never stop working on myself.

How are you so fit : 

Henna :I take care of my diet & steer clear from excessive intake of sugar.

Sneha :Positivity and happiness. Exercise, diet and nutrition.  Drink lots of water.

grooming classes

One Beauty tip : 

Henna :Cleanse your face every night before sleeping to fight ageing gracefully.

Sneha :Smile is the best beauty tool.

One message to the world : 

Henna :It is never too late to explore your potentials so shed your inhibitions and work on your talent.

Sneha :Make Peace not war, produce food not toxins, spread happiness, be human in all ways possible. Live for others too.

Beat this heat like Aditi Rao Hydari

Beautyful Aditi Rao in Tie & dyed strappy dress with a slit. Cool colour, soft cotton fabric, straps & slit details make her look apt for this killing heat. Best thing you don`t have to loose big amount on big brands. Go to any local street shopping & wear it with different footwear & accessories everytime to make it look new.

aditi rao hydari

source : aditi rao  hydari on instagram

Bollywood hidden sensation : Sakshi Dwivedi

Sakshi Dwivedi is soon going to rule million of hearts from her upcoming movie with Sanjay Dutt in Bhoomi. She is as gorgeous as any other Hollywood diva. Lets know her all fashion secrets!  😀

People know me as : Sakshi Dwivedi

Age : 21

Profession : actress, model, engineer (ece)  😎 

celebrity sakshi dwivedi

Website/Social Media Page Links :

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/sakshidwivediofficial/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/meownril?ref=br_rs

Twitter/Snapchat- https://mobile.twitter.com/sakshidiwivedi

One word that describes me best :  joy

As a person I am : confident,achiever,enthusiastic,Creative and fun to be with.I love to travel,to explore new places,things… 

sakshi dwivedi

Fashion to me is : not just about clothes,it’s about everything,its about you.Being in your comfort zone,yet look amazing,make whatever you wear Fashion with your confidence .

sakshi dwivedi fashion

My sense of style : it’s different for different body type.It should be accordingly. For me it’s different for different places but I love casuals.They are more comfortable and cool.

Style Icon : anytime Priyanka Chopra  😀 

sakshi dwivedi bhoomi actress

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Karan Johar`s movie.

One thing that makes me feel sexy : my confidence

5 wardrobe essentials : high heels, perfume, shades, skirts and dresses, denims

sexy bollywood actress

My ideal outfit for a fun party : denim shorts and a crop top.

For formal work setting : Thank god I don’t have any dress code,anything works for me according to my mood.

For casual day out with friends : denims,a cool top with white sneaker.i love it

For a hot date : cristiano ronaldo 

sakshi dwivedi

Fashion trend I cannot stand : omg a good question! There are so many,but the most annoying,people tucking denims in their boots,and wear it in summer too,like who does that?  🙄 

Brands / Designers you wear : I like Bebe, Forever 21,H&M, Levi’s and many more. 😀 

A Perfume I swear by : Burberry, I just love it.

bollywood actress makeup

A valuable beauty tip : drink lots and lots of water.

Do Bollywood beauties resemble their moms?..Check out on Happy Mother`s Day!

Happy Mothers Day fellas! Today our Bollywood StylingStars are inspiring millions of people in fashion, style & also in life. But do you know how these beautyful sensations used to look when these were kids? Today on Mother`s Day special we are exclusively showing you these pretty celebs pictures with their world i.e their MOTHER!

1. Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt kid

source : alia bhatt on instagram

2. Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone kid

source : deepika padukone on instagram

3. Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor kid

source : sonam kapoor on instagram

4. Kriti Sanon

kriti sanon kid

source : kriti sanon on instagram

5. Shraddha Kapoor

shraddha kapoor

source : shraddh kapoor on instagram

6. Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty kid