Chhavi Mittal a fashionista of YouTube channel Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT)

You have seen her pampering her maid, arguing with her innocent husband, behave as a caring elder sister to her bua`s daughter & gossiping with her best friend on phone. This is one of the most trending celebrity on YouTube. You can see her in almost all the episodes of Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT) channel on YouTube. She is none other than the beautyful Chhavi Mittal. To know all her fashion secrets continue reading.

People know me as : Chhavi Mittal

 Age : Keep guessing!

 Profession : Actor, Creative Director, Writer, Social Media Manager, Singer, Producer and most important and most difficult Mother!  😎 

 Website/Social Media Page Links :




One word that describes me best : Perfectionist

 As a person I am : Sensitive, committed and easily trusting.

 Fashion to me is : Comfort mixed with my individual style. Definitely not what everybody else is wearing and definitely not styled by a “professional” stylist!

 My sense of style : is so typically definitive of who I am

 Style Icon : er.. 

 Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Never walked the ramp in my whole career of almost 20 years, so really, anybody at all is good!  😀 

 Dream movie to work as a lead actress : I would have loved to be a part of Erin Brokovich

 One thing that makes me feel sexy : When I give a great performance as a singer/actor/stage performer. Nothing as sexy as kicking ass at your job! 

 5 wardrobe essentials : Blue denims, denim shorts, a LBD, white shirt, white kurti, a maxi dress, a jumpsuit, a playsuit, a black ganji, denim jacket, a formal jacket, a floral dress…. basically I’m a clothes person  😉 

 My ideal outfit for a fun party : Body hugging short dress.

For formal work setting : Comfort, comfort, comfort!

For casual day out with friends : Totally depends on my mood/the place/time of day.

For a hot date : A nice neckline with big earrings and no makeup.

 Fashion trend I cannot stand :  The obnoxiously torn jeans for girls or the jodhpur kind of pants for guys. 😛 

Brands / Designers you wear : Strictly against designer wear. I’m a totally organic person so anything from Fab India to Khadi to street wear, whatever is cotton and pretty.

 A Perfume I swear by : Pretty by Elizabeth Arden 

 Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles :  Always black and lace. Anything thats not padded and fake! Also, I hate underwire.

A valuable beauty tip : Throw all cosmetics/moisturisers/sunscreens in the dustbin, and switch to coconut oil. 

One message to the world : Just follow your dream with a passion and don’t let yourself envy others who you think have achieved more than you. Your life is yours to live and you make it whatever you want with the thoughts you have. So choose wisely what you concentrate on. Your positives, or others’ negatives!  😀 

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