7 Best Styles for Gym

Going to gym, doing workout is comparatively easier to making yourself mentally & physically ready to go there. But when we tell you, that gym is another one place where fashion kicks you hard for workout to get those rock like solid abs and dangerous curves, you wont miss the chance to get that attention. We are sure, going to gym will be like a ramp walk. Flaunt your toned body in gym like these celebrities !!

1. Kendall Jenner : In bright colour Bomber Jacket, Florescent colour sports br a& running shoes, teamed up with solid colour black legging, avaitors & top knot over head, Kendall Jenner nailed it the right way.

kendall jenner

source : harpersbazaar

2. Vanessa Hudgens : Rose flower printed Sweatshirt, gold one side printed calf length leggings,big contrast colour headphones, ankle length sporty shoes, a pastel colour bag and centre parted tightly tied hair, Vanessa looks uber cool in this look.

vaness hudgens gym look

source : seventeen

3. Rihanna : A pop queen sensation, is also a star of trendy fashion style. Whether it is red carpet or the street style or the gym look, she does it in an inspiring way always. Full sleeves body fitted text printed crop top matched with the same full length leggings, wayfarers style glasses, a small cross bag & contrast running shoes with open curled hair she looks different from other gym looks.

rihanna gym look

source : skvfashion

4. Ashley Tisdale : A young hollywood diva showing apt style of her age. Tank top over spaghetti top worn with fitted micro shorts. In accessories a big leather bag, same colour story running shoes and a cap.

ashley tisdale gym look

source : fabzz

5. Karolina Kurkova : One of the former Victoria`s Secret Angel, she is very sporty in her look. She shows an apt example of layering for gym look. Neutral colour sweatshirt worn over tank top & on the top florescent wind cheater jacket, matched with  contrast colour leggings, purple colour shoes, a cap & florescent bag gives her a fresh look. Problem solving style when you are not confident of your body or showing skin.

karolina kurkova gym look

source : harpersbazar

6. Candice Swanepoel : Full length heavy printed leggings, a sports br a & to balance it,  deep armhole cut tank top is worn by Candice. Ankle length shoes, round sunglasses, loosely tied hair & a bold striking colour thin backpack.

Candice Swanepoel gym look

source : avenueform

7 . Alessandra Ambrosio : Victoria`s Secret Angel in her well framed body showing a fresh gym style. A bright pink colour jacket worn over a sport t-shirt, matched with a full length leather coated ankle length leggings. ankle length socks in pink colour (matching jacket) & legging colour matching shoes &  a ponytail showing how deeply in details the look is given.

alessandra ambrosio gym look

source : celebmafia


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  1. Thats a very interesting article. I never understand what to wear while work out besides a tshirt n leggings, but this is so cool. I am gona add avaitors and a florscent jacket for my gym look now. thanks.

  2. I just loved the pictures and the styles shown. I am already bored of my black running shoes. My next buy is gona be florescent shoes.

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