When you full name has two world`s most beautyful names “Aishwarya Sushmita”

People know me as : Aishwarya Sushmita

Age : 22

Profession : Model

aishwarya sushmita

Follow me / Contact :

Facebook : https://m.facebook.com/officialaishwaryasushmita/?ref=bookmarks
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aishwaryasusmita/

Twitter : aishsush94 
Snapchat :  ashsush7 


One word that describes me best : Confident.

As a person I am : Very Friendly..fun loving, cheerful, optimist and confident about what I do.

Fashion to me is : All about expressing your personality by the way we carry ourselves.

aishwarya sushmita

My sense of style : A losses fitted top with a pair of denims and a messy bun. 🙂 Yea that’s total me full casual yet sexy :p

Style Icon : Deepika Padukone.

aishwarya sushmita

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Victoria`s Secret.

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : With Mr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir.

One thing that makes me feel sexy : My Confidence

5 wardrobe essentials : Clothes, Heels, Perfumes, Makeup Kit, lingeries :p

aishwarya sushmita

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Shorts with an off shoulder top.
For formal work setting : Fitted denims with a casual top.
For casual day out with friends : A casual sexy dress.
For a hot date : A body hugging short little dress. Preferably black or wine in colour. 😉

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Skinny pants or denims on boys..lol

aishwarya sushmita
Brands / Designers you wear : Zara all the favourite 😎

A Perfume I swear by : “Daisy” by Marc Jacobs.


Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles :  Victoria Secrets and Pretty secrets 😉 They are vibrant and lively. I think I love black on my complexion 😊😉

A valuable beauty tip : Drink lots of water and stay Happy because happiness is is the secret of our beauty. ( Try it out,it works 😉 )

aishwarya sushmita make up

One message to the world : Appreciate and cherish each day you have and don’t take things for granted,Don’t take the people in your life for granted either, cherish the time with them because eventually we all die and all you’ll have is the memories that you create. Help others all you can, everyone is worth something even the homeless person on the street.

Prerna Mehra – The Girl In Sky High Heels

People know me as : My name is Prerna Mehra but people know me as “thegirlinskyhighheels” because of my blog.

Age : 19


Profession : Fashion Blogger 

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

Follow / Contact me on : https://www.instagram.com/thegirlinskyhighheels/


prerna mehra

One word that describes me best Ambitious 

As a person I am : Very vocal and talkative

Fashion to me is : Self expression

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

My sense of style : versatile

Style Icon : Carrie Bradshaw 

Dream ramp walk for which designer : Monisha Jaising 

prerna mehra the girl in sky high heels

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Aisha/ Devil wears Prada

One thing that makes me feel sexy Really really high heels 

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

5 wardrobe essentials White shirt, nude stilettos, oversized gold watch, really weird sunglasses, and perfect pair of blue denims.

My ideal outfit for a fun partyA jumpsuit or a playsuit 

For formal work setting Shirt with a below the knee, high waisted pencil skirt and a structured bag Or a monotone pant suit.

For casual day out with friendsFlared Maxi skirt and a simple embroidered or embellished bralet. 

For a hot date A bodycon dress and pointed toe heels.

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

Fashion trend I cannot stand Neon, I can’t stand it and rubber shoes!

Brands / Designers you wear Anything and everything I like, brand or no brand doesn’t matter.

A Perfume I swear by Chanel No. 5, I cannot live without it.

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours styles : Nothing beats Victoria`s Secret, green and lace adds to it.

A valuable beauty tip A simple face wash and moisturiser is all you need, and drink enough water, 10 glasses of water a day are miraculous honestly.

the girl in sky high heels prerna mehra

One message to the world : What you wear is an expression of who you are, choose correctly. 

Luveena Lodh

People know me as : Luveena

Age : 27

Profession : Actress , done 2 south films as a lead actor, done a music video with Ganesh Hegde, done 2 years of theatre with Nadira Babbar & Mujib Khan sir, trained in Bollywood  form of dance , done anchoring with Desimad , currently done a short film dedicated to Modi ji  for Swatch Bharat Abhyan which was supported by Bollywood.

luveena bollywood actor

Connect with me :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/luveena.lodh 

Instagram : https://instagram.com/Luveena999

Twitter handle : https://twitter.com/luveenal

One word that describes me best : Divine

bollywood fashion

As a person I am : A dreamer, cinephile, epicure, perpetual traveler, extremely passionate about my craft, animal lover & voracious reader.

Fashion to me is : Fashion home is Minimalism is the name of the game these days.

My sense of style : I am a minimalistic with an appetite for the black red and greys. Style icon Sandra Bullock, Mila Kunis, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron.


Dream ramp walk for which designer : Anamika Khanna

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Breakfast at Tiffanys

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Sexy comes naturally to me, but if u insist I would vouch for red lip stick (Ruby Voo) & shoes.


5 wardrobe essentials : Every girl should have in her closet Black Motto Jacket,  A minimalist white button down shirt, mom jeans & cross body bag Oversize sunglasses.

My ideal outfit for  a fun party : Distressed jeans with crop top and converse formal work setting  Chic suit + loafer pairings.

For casual day out with friends : Dungarees

On a hot date :  A captivating body hugging black dress Fashion trend I cannot stand Overly frilled dresses.


Favorite Brand / Designer : Well I absolutely adore wearing high street fashion brands like Zara, Mango, Promod, H&M, which has great mixed of fashion ensembles.

Perfume I swear by : Issey Miyake Floral


Favourite lingerie brand colour and styles : La Senza, Karolina, Lastmska(its a uk brand) Victoria`s Secret.  Colours I love Black, Beige, Maroon, Turquoise & Styles Strapless sporty & convertible.

Beauty tip : Coconut oil is miraculous. It smells delicious, is very affordable and leaves my skin nourished and smooth. Cocunut oil is naturally antibacterial, anti fungal, moisturizing and I swear by it.


One message to the world : Stop Animal Cruelty. Off late I have been seeing a lot of post where people harass animals just for fun sake and make videos. Animals are being treated like they are not living creatures. I would not say save tiger and save cows instead people should stop buying products which is made out of animals. Support the speechless.

Ananya Sengupta Bollywood Actor

This is Ananya, brought up in a City of Dreams Mumbai . She is an actor by profession . Recently Shot for her first Hindi film as a lead opposite Kunal Roy Kapoor slated to release next year . She has also worked with brands like Panasonic , Dove, Elle 18 cosmetics , Dollar thermal , Fiat Car , Intex mobile , Domino Pizza etc as a Model .

People know me as : Ananya Sengupta

Age : 23

 Profession : Actor

Website/Social Media Page Links : https://www.instagram.com/onlyananya/

bollywood actress

 One word that describes me best : Dreamer , I dream with my eyes opened.

 As a person I am : Ambitious ,introvert and Private , also i consider myself to be a Non – romantic (laughs) . After all, you know you cant find true love these days.

ananya sen gupta


 Fashion to me is : Simplicity and confidence.

My sense of style : Denims and Boat neck dresses . I prefer wearing single coloured dresses in english hues ,like in black , grey and beige. Also you will often see me in classic Black and Brown Hats . Since i am blessed with long Curly-Mermaid tresses, Recently i Bought myself a few Head gears in Stones and leather from London . Believe me they have power to transform you into an Egyptian princess.

sunglasses fashion


Style Icon : Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Candice Swanepoel

 Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Sabyasachi . I cant get over his Bridal collections

 Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Titanic and The Reader

designer lahenga

 One thing that makes me feel sexy : Healthy Bronzed Skin

5 wardrobe essentials : Denims, Floral printed off- Shoulder dress, classy jet black ray ban , A black hat and a body hugging Black dress in Velvet.

club wear fashion

 My ideal outfit for a fun party : A polo neck top and a pair off low waist jeans.

For formal work setting : simple white Shirt teamed up with a tight fitted black pant.

For casual day out with friends : Spaghetti dresses in floral print.

For a hot date : An Off- Shoulder beige colour gown with nude pumps

festival fashion

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Embroidery designs

Brands / Designers you wear : I love to wear High street Fashion brands like Zara, H&M, Topshop, Vero moda, only , Mango , Forever 21 etc. they are fashionable, light ,updated and affordable.

A Perfume I swear by : Flora by GUCCI

summers floral dresses

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Triumph, La Senza and Victoria Secret . They have amazing Colours and designs . Solid colours like navy blue , deep turquoise and maroon look beautiful in women , I feel more comfortable you are in selection of your inner wear more it symbolises you as a strong woman . Strapless and lace never go out of fashion.

victorias secret lingerie

 A valuable beauty tip : Lots n lots of Olives. Trust me cold pressed olive oil is miraculous. It has got the best beauty Secret .

One message to the world : No Amount of beauty tips or fashion Works if you forget to wear your smile and confidence . Your inner charm Wins the World.

festival makeup

Ankita Jaiswal

People know me as : Ankita Jaiswal

Age : 22 years

Profession : Community Manager at Wooplr and Freelance Photographer

Website/Social Media Page Links : https://www.instagram.com/creepydeadmind/?hl=en

fashion stylist

One word that describes me best : Panda

As a person I am : More of a chirpy person and high on life.

Fashion to me is : Comfort. I believe one shouldn’t go with something they aren’t comfortable with.

fashion consultant

My sense of style : More of casual and street wear.

Style Icon : Blake Lively

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Anita Dongre

fashion stylist

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Devil wears Prada

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Red Lipshade

red lipstics

5 wardrobe essentials : Sneakers, Rompers, Maxi Dress, Denim Shorts and White off shoulder top

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Crop Top and Jeggings with accessories

For formal work setting : Grey Pants and Black Shirt

For casual day out with friends : A Romper

For a hot date : A Cocktail dress or a Slit Maxi Dress

fashion icon

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Bling Trend.

Brands / Designers you wear : Zara, Forever 21, Koovs, H & M, Shoppers Stop

A Perfume I swear by : Burberry Brit Sheer

Favorite Lingerie brands : Only if I could spend all my life in a bikini.La Senza, Bwitch, Marks & Spencer

bikini fashion

A valuable beauty tip : Curate your look in a way that you look effortless in whatever you chose to wear. And always carry that confidence in you.

indian wear fashion

One message to the world : Rely on your Inner spark. Believe in your strength.

Rayyan Ibrahim (Ray Poppins)

People know me as : Rayyan Ibrahim
Age : 26
Profession : Actress / Presenter
Website/Social Media Page Links : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504209872&fref=ts


ray ibrahim tv celebrity

One word that describes me best : Weird
As a person I am : Random
Fashion to me is : Comfort and Identity
My sense of style : Dressy, lady like and feminine. Jeans are too tacky for me
Style Icon : Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn and Maryline Monroe

celebrity fashion
Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Burberry, they are classy and so me
Dream movie to work as a lead actress : Indian version of Tess of d’Urberville

celebrity ethnic wear
One thing that makes me feel sexy : Boots
5 wardrobe essentials : Stylish coats, handbags that do not scream DESIGNER, maxi dresses, Mid length and maxi skirts, mid length dresses.

tv celebrity
My ideal outfit for a fun party : A  flirty black mid length dress
For formal work setting : Pencil skirt, collar shirt, kitten heals and red lips. I mean business when i mean business
For casual day out with friends : Summer : maxi dresses, winter look would be skirts and boots with a beany
For a hot date : Full length gown in red

ray ibrahim
Fashion trend I cannot stand : uggs and jeans
Brands / Designers you wear : Burberry, Coccinell , Zara and Mango. Love H&M being Swedish myself
A Perfume I swear by : Beige Chanel from the exclusive range
Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : No comment, too personal

ray ibrahim tv presenter
A valuable beauty tip : know what colours and products do and don’t suit you. You are your own best critic.
One message to the world : Feel comfortable with who you are and embrace it. There is no such thing as “the norm”

Malvika Billa

People know me as : Malvika Billa

 Age : 21 years


Profession : Blogger/ Model/ Stylist and currently working with Disney India  International Distribution and Syndication.

Website/Social Media Page Links : https://www.instagram.com/malvikabilla_blishkins/



fashion stylist

One word that describes me best : Passionate

Fashion to me is : Whatever you believe it to be, because fashion stems from your personal style and that could be anything you like. Fashion to me is representation of your style in your own unique way.

My sense of style : Laid back, Comfortable and Dynamic.

Style Icon : Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Scarlet Johansson

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Victoria’s Secret

Dream movie to work as a lead actress : A Cinderella Story

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Confidence and high heels

malvika billa

5 wardrobe essentials : Sunglasses, Hairties, Solid white and black tees, atleast one LBD, lots of options in shoes  heels, boots, sportswear, flipflops…the list goes on

My ideal outfit for a fun party : Shorts with a backless tee and killer heels

For formal work setting : A bodycon dress

For casual day out with friends : A summer dress

For a hot date : A Skater dress or jeans with a formal blouse and heels obviously

malika billa

Fashion trend I cannot stand : Crocs, Underboob tops, off shoulder tops

Brands / Designers you wear : Zara, Steve Madden, Coach, MK, Calvin Klein,  Only, Vero Moda, Promod, Accessorize, Charles and Keith, Addidas, Nike, Forever , H&M

A Perfume I swear by : Juicy Couture

mallika billa

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles : Sexy Backs, Sportswer and shades of black, pink and neon shades.  La Senza, Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer etc

fashion stylist

A valuable beauty tip : Don’t over use make up and dress for the occasion

One message to the world : Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you aren’t enough or beautiful. Believe in you.

fashion stylist

Shirala Singh : Mrs.Asia Universe

People know me as : Shirala Singh

Age : 31

Profession : Fashion Designer (Owner @Mahoba) , Mrs. Asia Universe – First Runner up.

Website/Social Page Links : https://www.facebook.com/Mahoba-ArtCoutureHome-1483191788637902/?pnref=about.overview


One word that describes me best : Haha just one word ..!! Holy Cow it is too short to describe someone … ‘Irreplaceable’ is the word ! 😉

As a person I am : Quite Adaptable !

Fashion to me is : an expression that reflects ‘You’ !


My sense of style : It’s what turns head and get you noticed ! (I am an extremist.. from something Funky to Sophisticated. )

Style Icon : Madona

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : (Haha it will be very cheesy to say for myself  ) Ofcourse for legends like Alexander Mcqueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld!


Dream movie to work as a lead actress : A meaningful script with a social message !

One thing that makes me feel sexy : Attitude .. Blend of  right amount of Confidence and staying grounded !

5 wardrobe essentials : Lingerie, Pair of Denims, Tee- Shirt, Shoes and Handbag


My ideal outfit for a fun party : It should be something young, vibrant, trendy and colorful. Probably I would pick a knee-length dress with a retro print or a vibrant color dress with some accessories !

For formal work setting : A good fitted shirt with a high waist trouser and probably a blazer if required (I would personally go for pastels ) with a pair of wedge heels or a platform !


For casual day out with friends : A round neck tee-shirt with pair of denims or shorts paired with sneakers !

For a hot date : A classy evening dress with stilettos !


Fashion trend I cannot stand : Which is followed blindly ! (You should always set your own style and go for something that defines you)

Brands / Designers you wear : Apart from my own brand  Mahoba, I like Massimo Dutti, Ted Baker, River Island, Super Dry, Zara etc.


A Perfume I swear by : Chanel and Dior ! What tops my list is Arabian Fragrance .. spl. Al- Rasasi (Oud and Musk combination).

Favorite Lingerie brands, colours & styles :  Victoria Secret (Obvious !) I guess colors and style can be a personal pick but right fit is very important.


A valuable beauty tip : Drink a lot of water –  Helps you hydrate and keeps your hair healthy and skin glowing, Exercise and eat healthy (Fruits & Fibre ).


One message to the world : Spread Humanity cause world needs it the most right now !! Go Green – Protect the environment, Stay Hygienic and Save your resources too! <3

Sucheta Sharma James

Name : Sucheta Sharma James

Age : ;-)))


Profession : Model

Personal Style : Sporty

Style Icon : Michael Jackson

Favorite Fashion Memory : When I walked for India Fashion Week for the first time in 2005

model sucheta sharma

Never will I wear : Something that doesn’t suit me.

Ultimate shopping destination : Anywhere abroad is better than India 

Brands/Designers love to wear : Wear a lot of Guess, Lipsy London 

model sucheta sharma

Dream Ramp walk  : Still a dream to walk for Victoria`s Secret.

A Perfume I swear by : Mont Blanc “Legend

model sucheta sharma

Colours I can die for : hahahahah can not die for colors 

Fashion piece i can’t live without : I don’t do what mass does, i go with my heart.

model sucheta sharma

Skin care secret : Eat healthy, drink enough water, exercise.

Fashion Tips to others : Don`t follow fashion blindly. keep your body type, complexion & your work enviornment or the occasion in mind.