Anushka Tugnait

Your Name : Anushka Tugnait

anushka tugnait

Age : 23 years

Profession : Fashion Designer and Stylist.

Personal Style Description : My personal style is all about being simple yet classy keeping it comfortable and out of the box . Wearing my own creation like a draped dhoti with a casual tee or a crop top is my all time favorite.

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Style Icon : I believe in creating my own styles so for me it could be I , Me , Myself .

Favorite fashion memory : I think I’m at a very early stage of my career and at this point in time I cherish everything that I’ve achieved as an everlasting memory¬† , and well lots of memories are still in the making ūüôā

Never will I wear : I believe in experimenting , so never say never.


Favorite shopping place : Nothing so specific . I buy whatever catches my eye !

Brands / Designers I wear : I wear forever 21, Zara , h&M , Abercrombie and Fitch , Only , Emporio Armani , Burberry , Pull and bear , Madison, Rimple and Hardeep narula , Mandira Wirk.

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Dream walk for which designer : Being¬† a designer myself I’d like to walk the ramp for myself but if given a chance , without any doubt it’ll be Alexander McQueen and Sabhyasachi Mukherjee .

Favorite Perfume : Treson by Lancom and Sensuous by  Estée Lauder
Colors I can die for : White , black and red .

Fashion piece you can’t live without : My sunglasses .


Skin care : The least one can do is drink lots of water , maintain a balanced diet because you are what you eat . Use the right products for your skin type . Use a sunscreen whenever exposing your skin to the sun , remove make up each time and apply a night cream , always helps!

Favorite Lingerie & Styles :¬†Victoria’s Secret , H&M , Marks and Spencer’s.

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Fashion tips for others : Firstly the first tip I’ll give to everyone is dress according to your body type . Have your own style , wear what you like be who you are and wear that attitude in Style with confidence . ūüėČ

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Laura Rich

Your Name : Laura Rich
Age : 27 yrs
Profession : Social Media Advisor
summer crop top
Personal style description : I don’t stick to any styles , I believe in one thing : A pretty face suits a dishcloth ūüôā
kurta denims
Style Icon : Hard question , as we are leaving in a world of rapid changes , style icons are replacing one to another. But at all times one of my favorite is Chanel- combination of elegance and sexiness.
Favorite Fashion memory : the first fashion show that I attended , exactly a week before . I started to get ready a week before it , watching videos and pics to see what people are wearing for it because I didn’t want to be over dressed and remain unseen .
Never will I wear : Something that doesn’t fit me, doesn’t matter if it’s a trend cloth or most expensive one. Your outfit should show the best of you got!
Your favorite shopping place : It’s not a secret ¬†that online shopping are very popular nowadays, plus you can find unique outfits there.¬†
ripped denims
Brands / designers you wear:  Chanel, Philip Plein, Casadei, Rick Owens .
Dream ramp walk for which designer : Loui Vuitton – their show is always a great production.
Favorite Perfume : Paco Rabanne Lady Million, have just a good memories with that perfume.
Colors I can die for : Hahahaha black color is my¬†favorite, it’s not a secret and all my friends always makes¬†jokes about it. If you open my wardrobe you will find lots of black outfits of cause I have other colors but black is dominating.
black skirt top
Fashion piece you can’t live without : Just recently I became addicted to chokers, I wear it with absolutely everything and I have different styles of it.
Favorite lingerie brand : Agent Provocateur and Victoria Secrets .
leather leggings crop top
Skin care : La Mer works the best for me , they got the best renewal oils that can be used not only for skin but for hair as well .
Fashion Tips for others:¬†Every girl should have a pair of expensive shoes , bags and¬†accessories. As long as you¬†wear good shoes you can wear anything with it , simple jeans or t-shirt. And of cause accessories are very important , as it’s always a great finish of the look.¬†
slit dresses

Monalisha Mahapatra


Name : Monalisha Mahapatra

 Age : 24

Profession : Fashion Stylist, Blogger, Model and Photo Artist.

Websites :


 Personal Style Description : I like to keep everything casual yet chic at the same time without any fuss. It’s always easy breezy for me as I love wearing loose outfits. You can see it on My Instagram @Thegreyhalfway.

Style Icon : Chiara Ferragni

Favourite Fashion Memory : It might sound a little kiddish but 1st was when I attended Amazon Fashion Week for the very first time and got published on their official video and Second would be when my BlogSpot blog turned into a self-hosted website!


Never Will I wear : Square toe shoe! I don’t like them.

Your Favorite Shopping Place : There is nothing particular, I shop from everywhere just name it I have it! haha

Brands / Designers you wear : I wear a lot of Lee Jeans, Puma, Zara, Forever 21, Mango, H&M, Forever New, BeBe, Vajor, Stalk buy love mostly, I have been associate with designers like SotleeBySulkashanaMonga, Cameron Kham, Pushpak Vimaan, The Label Studio, Purab Paschim etc.


 Dream Ramp walk for which designer : Sabyasachi Mukherji!

 Favourite Perfume : Pull&Bear Orange Shot.

 Colors I can die for : All white everything.

 Fashion Piece you can`t live without : Boyfriend Denims.


Favourite Lingerie brand & style : Victoria Secret & Triangle, Style would be the triangle again!

Skin Care : Drink a lot of water, eat veggies and fruits. Clean your face well from all the makeup and dirt before going to sleep.

Fashion Tips for others : I just have one tip to give each one of you, that please wear outfits according to your body type and don’t overdo everything just for the sake of trends.


Tanya Vij Singh our first ever Stylingstar


Age : 31 years

Profession : Fashion Model & a Blogger at

Personal Style : My style is Bold, Sassy and Zesty with a tad of Swag. I have a strong predilection for Bling, Neons and everything outrageous, which is why I am very experimental with my looks. I am not a T-shirt and sneakers person and my style has a feminine flair to it.

summers style


Style Icon : I do take style inspiration from the Kardashians but if I were to name one , it would be Jennifer Lopez. At 46, she is hot as ever and so stylish!

Favourite Fashion Memory : When I represented India at the Fashion TV Super Model Awards

Never Will I Wear : There are a lot of fashion dont’s but never will I wear plaids and stripes together! Some patterns are complimentary, but these two together create a fashion disaster

summers fashion 2016

Your Favorite Shopping Place: Having Lived in Tokyo for many years, it is my favorite shopping destination for its highest quality and most fashion forward outfits and accessories.

Brands / Designers You Wear : My favorite brands in handbags are Louis Vuitton and Prada for a more casual look and Chanel when I want to glam up. As far as clothing brands are concerned, I love anything ranging from Zara to H&M to Forever 21.

Dream Ramp walk for which designer : I haven’t ever walked the ramp for an Indian Designer, so perhaps would love to walk the ramp for Sabyasachi or Anita Dogre.

trends 2016

Favorite¬†Perfume: Sounds funny, but I don’t use perfumes anymore! It makes my nasal allergies worse, so I use my own homemade deodorants and sprays using essential oils.

Colors I can die for :  Hot pink!

Fashion Piece you can`t live without : Nothing really. I try not to depend my life on material things (except my phone !!! :P)

summer trends 2016

Skin Care Mantra :  I swear by SK-ii . It is a well known Japanese brand, and although a bit pricey, I do see good results.

Fashion Tips for Others :¬†Working out and being fit is the best fashion advise I can give. A well toned and sculpted body, despite any fashion flaws, ought to look sexy ! Also, unleash your¬†creativity¬†and don’t fear experimenting with new looks.